Writing Samples (original)

Editing/Writing Samples

These are mostly from Nature Air’s in-flight magazine,Landings. Writing and photography samples are also scattered throughout, and most of my articles are also accompanied by my photos.

Escape to Bats Island The Shark Whisperer Landings Oct/Nov: Panama Landings Oct/Nov: Panama Landings Aug/Sept: San Jose Landings June/July: Yoga Landings April/May: Nicaragua Feb/March: Surfing

Landings Dec/Jan: Carlos Hiller

Cover Shots

These issues feature my photos on the cover, as well as my writing and photography scattered throughout. (Click to download)



Newspaper, Travel, Online & Other

Tico Times, CostaRica.com, Player Magazine, Life in Balance, Native Magazine, Lakelubbers.com, etc…All articles are accompanied by my photos.


Tico Times: Diving Coiba Island Tico Times: Uncle Earl’s Tico Times: Crime in Coco Tico Times: Condofish Tico Times:¬†Restaurant Review Cure it with Coconut Player Magazine: Tequila Review Cocos Island Diving Blogs Player Magazine: Taschen Costa Rica Living

Cocos Island Blogs

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