My name is GENNA MARIE. I’m an editor, travel writer and photographer – and not necessarily in that order. I’ve lived as an American expat in Costa Rica for the past five years, and during that time have traveled pretty much nonstop throughout the country. I know this país like the back of my hand, far better than I’ll probably ever know anywhere else. Most of my assignments are for magazine articles and newspaper stories, although I’ve also worked for companies writing and editing website content. I also have another website called The Costa Rica Writer. Last year I was full-time editor of the travel website, Tripfab, where I was responsible for editing over a dozen writers at any given time. The year before that I served as associate editor of the in-flight magazine for the country’s main airline, Nature Air.


In addition to extensive travel throughout Central America (most notably Nicaragua and Panama), the past decade has also been speckled with a couple of visits to Europe and Mexico. After so many years living in Latin America, it should come as no surprise that I’m bilingual – 100% fluent in Spanish. I’m well-versed in WordPress and programs like Adobe inDesign and Adobe Lightroom. My special skills are varied and unusual; they grow and change with each passing day, ranging from hula hooping and fire dancing to scuba diving with sharks and knitting.


But enough about me. Check out my writing samples – and let my work speak for itself.

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